Installing ROS on your Odroid U3+

Installing ROS on your Odroid U3+

Installing ROS on my Odroid was problematic. Following the steps to install ROS as documented on will not work, though my eMMC card only had Ubuntu on it, there won't be enough space to install all the dependencies of ROS and ROS itself.

So to be able to solve this issue, I noticed that the default partitions as flashed by the Odroid Ubuntu image contains two empty ones out of four which can give you about 1 GB more space. To benefit from those partitions:

  1. Run gparted or install gparted by running

    sudo apt-get install gparted
  2. Delete the empty big partition, and unformat it.

  3. Right-click on the main partition and Grow it. Grow it from the end by all the size available.

Now you can install ROS packages and still have lots of free memory.

Note: I did try to make the installation on the SDCard using sudo apt-get install -o Dir=/path/to/partition but still I was stuck with the messages of having no space as Ubuntu will still want to write to the main partition some files in addition to writing on the partition specified. If you want to try that, make sure to copy all files needed for apt-get to that SDCard, and to mount the SDCard on a static filesystem inode.

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