Testing the Odroid's heatsink maximum temperature

As I needed to test if the Odroid's heatsink's temperature can melt the ABS plastic, I ran a CPU stress test and measured the maximum temperature that the Odroid CPU processor can reach.

None of the commands need any dependencies or new installations that are not available in stock Ubuntu.


To stress the Odroid, I first set the number of CPUs and then ran a bash calculator command that uses lots of CPU.

NUMCPU=$(grep $'^processor\t*:' /proc/cpuinfo |wc -l)

for ((i=0;i<$NUMCPU;i++));do
echo 'scale=100000;pi=4*a(1);0' | bc -l &
done ;\
read stop; \
killall bc

The test will stop executing if any key is pressed.

I used this exact command because it was the only simple one that used all of 4 cores of the Odroid. Using dd, yes, or outputting to terminal would not use the 4 cores.

To check the CPU temperature, run in another terminal:

while(true) do 
cat /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp ; sleep 1; done;

The check the processes and the CPU usage:



Maximum temperature the CPU reached was 82 degrees Celsius. That cannot melt the ABS plastic which has a melting point of 100 degrees.

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